Im very saddened and at the same time, I’m so proud of my Whitney Houston! She gave us her all! I’m so proud of the great music we worked on together. So many Number ones and Beautiful B sides.
She is my Sister my friend and one of the Greatest Singers and women I have ever Known! My heart goes out to her that she didn’t have to suffer. My heart goes out to all of us that we know she truly loved us! My heart especially goes out to her beautiful daughter Bobbie whom I spoke with Whitney last year at this same time and Bobbie said to me “I wanna sing” ! And I told her whatever your Mother says and looked into Whitney’s eyes and we both Smiled the best smiles. I’m very saddened but so Proud of her and proud of people who Heard and love her music! For this I say God thank you for sharing Whitney our Angel with us even for a short while! She really did open up our hearts and Brought in Your Heavenly Sunlight!
Lastly to her Mother Cissy. My love goes out to you!
I met Whitney thru you when she was 11 years old and you were singing Background on my first solo Album the garden of love light! And you were Killing it and Baby Whitney was happy. Then we recorded a duet for you and Whitney entitled ” I Know him so well” from the Play Chess. Again beautiful!
Sympathies to you and the Close family!
My proudest moments with Whitney are my First number one with her
How will I know.
And then being asked to produce almost the entire second album called simply Whitney with so many hits like I wanna dance with somebody and so Emotional and then we broke the Beatles record with Seven number ones in row with Where do broken hearts go!
Then next album of All the man that I need and The Emmy winning Olympic Theme song of One Moment in Time! And then of course the Bodyguard with I’m Every Women! And the duet with Aretha Franklin.
Love to Gerry Griffith And Clive Davis and Arista Records who brought You out into the world of Music. And to all your helpers in Production and engineers who loved you! And to whom you loved!
Blessings and love and Gratitude to You Darlin’ Whitney whom I affectionately call Nippy!
With Love Eternally,
Your Narada

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