Narada’s Letter to Clarence Clemons:
Let us rejoice in the life of our dearest brother The Big Man, The Great Man, Mokshagun, Liberation Fire, Clarence Clemons
Let us rejoice in the giant heart of our beloved Big Man.
Let us rejoice in his entering into Heaven to see all of his friends, family, and loved ones.
Let us rejoice in his love of life, his passion for fun, laughter, music, and family.
He will be greatly missed as he is greatly loved because no man has been more loving than he.
He taught us all to break free and enjoy the beauty of life. When he played his horn, the shackles of ignorance broke away from us.
We love you. We embrace you. We are happy that you are free in Heaven with God, your angels, family, and all of your loved ones.
Your Loving Brother Narada
PS: You take a piece of me to Heaven with you. You’re a friend of mine.

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